The Leshen started as a experimental project for members Myke Fedyk and Kirk Alberts.

After years of playing in various types of bands, the duo were yearning to step away from the traditional rock band architecture and experiment with heavier, more melodic, sonic textures and arrangements. Unhindered by the confines of standard music compositions, ego and expectations the two have forged a crunchy, melodic style of music that’s heavily influenced by the post-rock/metal sound. Early on, during the initial conception of The Leshen, the members opted to eschew vocals and leaned heavily on the use of swirling, layered guitar effects incorporated with noise and sound samples in live performances to create an immersive experience that encourages the listener to draw their own conclusion and story for each song.

The Leshen released their first EP “The Sharpening” in December 2016 and the “Red of Tooth and Long of Nail” EP in March 2018.

The band has been playing live shows, radio performances and festivals non-stop from initial incarnation and looking forward to 2019 have no plans to slow down.